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Fantasic Four #4 - Sub-Mariner Introduction

The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four
May 1962
Issue: 4 Reading Order#: 5


Oh no!  In the last issue, we witnessed a lame pouty-fest from the Human Torch.  He even threw his temper tantrum in front of Miracle Man.  I find that unacceptable.  I would also be suprized if he dosn't realize that the Fantasic Four have just shown their major weakness and use the Tourch against them next time they face off.After that, the Torch ran away from home to to cry about how no one loves him or other such nonsense.  In this issue we will see how the Fantastic Four deal with this crisis and cope with the introduction of a new character:  the Sub-Mariner!


I hate to start off with a nitpick but last issue they introduced a nuclear powered tank.  I mean, that's a lot of power for a tank to just roll around slowly and blow stuff up but whatever.  Sure, its possible.  This issue they flash back to it and now they call it an Atomic Cannon.  While I am unclear what an atomic cannon would even do, it seems like one of these names was wrong.
This guy can sure take a beating!
That said, not too far into this issue I ran into what could have easily passed for Wolverine's doppleganger. He was smoking a cigar giving a random old man some trouble, and then picks a fight with Sub-Mariner for just about no reason... sounds about like something he'd do.Well, to be fair, Sub-Mariner had amnesia at the time. He had no idea who he was and had taken to a love of the drink in his time away from the ocean.  I can only guess that he spent many a long lonely night nestled up with only a bartender and a bottle of Jack to keep him company.  That is, until Wolverine's look alike shows up to tango.  Just so happens, Torch peeped the whole event.  Of course Torch's first reaction is hey, he doesn't remember who he is, lets shave his face with my welding-torch finger. That should clear this whole thing right up. As the beard is removed, the whole room instantly recognizes him as Sub-Mariner.  A beard has that kind of effect on people, I guess.  You gain a few levels of coolness factor or something.  Who knows.  Now that he beard is gone, the crowd is all like,"Dang that lame old man has gotta be Sub-Mariner.  Look at how uncool he is!  Only Sub-Mariner can reach that level of awkwardness!  I liked him more when he had a beard like Wolverine over there."Torch then flies Sub-Mariner to the ocean where he will (of course!) regain his memory.  The Sub-Mariner returns to his underwater homeland to find it destroyed from underwater nuclear testing and he announces his plans for revenge on all mankind for their heinous crimes!  He then goes into the sea and awakens a gargantuan sea beast and entices it to destroy New York City.The heroes quickly dispatch it by throwing a nuclear bomb down its throat.  (They sure have alot of these just hanging around, don't they?)  With the monster beaten, the fight comes down to just the Fantastic Four and the Sub-Mariner.  The aquatic villian makes a mistake by informing the heroes that his magical horn is the source of his ability to summon more monsters and the battle turns to a fight over wresting control of the horn from Sub-Mariner.  Torch saves the day by creating a huge whirlwind (from flying in circles) and tosses Sub-Mariner into the sea.  His horn also falls into the sea nearby but it is presumed "lost forever". The end.

Weakness Update:

    • Fire. (Fantastic Four #2)
    • Chemical foam will put out his flame. (Fantastic Four #3)
    • Water will put out his flame in large doses. (Fantastic Four #4)
    • Brick to the head. Blunt force trauma to the head will cause him to spontaneously shrink back to normal size. (Fantastic Four #3)
    • Scent gives away her location.  (Fantastic Four #3)

What can I say?  Sub-Mariner is the king of the sea.  I would have to assume anything lost in the sea could be eventually found by him.  We can assume that he will be back and next time it will be with a huge army of sea creatures!

NEXT ISSUE IN READING ORDER: Incredible Hulk #2 - Introduction of the Toad Men!

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